Goals and Objectives

The Longline Fishery Association (LFA) was established in February 2013. It was instituted due to fishing companies’ commercial interests. The LFA helps jointly represent and protect their interests, consistently improve the efficiency of the fishery and the quality of the products produced. One of the most important reasons for establishment of such an association was the steadily growing need to introduce international principles of sustainable fishery into the activities of fishing companies.


Today, the LFA is an interregional non-profit organization based on membership.

The LFA provides the following services:

  • Increasing the responsibility of member organizations aimed at preventing poaching, illegal fishing and illegal seafood production, as well as violations of legislation in the field of protection of aquatic biological resources and their habitats;
  • Participating in the development of legal framework that regulates and sets standards in cooperation with government management of fisheries. Our experts develop proposals that focus on Russian law improvement in the fishery industry and provide legal consultation and advice;
  • Formulates proposals aimed at improving of government control and supervision in the field of protection of aquatic biological resources and their habitats;
  • Improvement of the fishery at all its levels to bring it in line with international criteria of sustainable fishery. Our specialists collect and analyze the materials necessary for environmental auditing and obtaining environmental certificates.